Support for Education and Credentialing Initiative

We salute our Founding Corporate Donors, generous and engaged organizations committed to helping make every patient visit the Safest Dental Visit






We also thank the individuals who committed personal funds to advance the education and credentialing initiative as Founding Supporters.

Dr. Sharon Baker

Dr. Sam Barry

Helene Bednarsh, RDH, MPH

Maryjane Bruning

Patty Byrd, RDH

Gayle Chang

Dr. Don Cohen

Dr. Fiona Collins

Peggy Cottrell

Susan Cebula

Eve Cuny, MS

Jan Debell

Nancy Dewhirst, RDH

Liliana Donatelli

Cynthia Durley, MEd, MBA

Kathy Eklund, RDH, MHP

Dr. Marie Fluent

Kandis Garland, RDH, MS

Dr. George Gatseos, II

Janet Gatseos

Dr. Barbara Gooch

Dr. Kimberly Grady

Karen Gregory, RN

Mary Harrison

Laura Jacob

Virginia Jorgensen

Kim Laudenslager

Therese Long, MBA, CAE

Dr. Frank Maggio

Dr. Donald Marianos

Dr. Theresa Mayfield

Dr. Nita Mazurat

Renee McNally

Dr. Shannon & Anne Mills, RN

Joyce Moore

Debby Myers

Kathy Narhwold

Dr. Molly Newlon

Dr. John O’Keefe

Paul Paisner

Lori Paulson

Jennifer Hawley Price, MS

Eloise Reed

Dr. David Reznik

Dr. Doug Risk

Wanda Rosenbaum, RDH

Denise Sabol, RDH, MS

Ed Schmitt

Dr. Kathy Schrubbe

Susan Shada

Mike Smurr

Josephine Sonberg

Peggy Spitzer, RDH

Christina Thomas, MS, CAE

Marguerite Walsh

Ann Wetmore

Dr. Sam Westock

Andy Whitehead

Carol Zakala