Certified in Dental Infection Prevention and Control™

I strongly believe that those in charge of infection control must have proper education and credentials, not just be trained on the job.

Anonymous respondent

From dental infection control survey conducted December 2016

Build your infection control expertise and elevate your career!

The OSAP-DANB Certified in Dental Infection Prevention and Control™ (CDIPC™) is a professional certification that is intended for clinicians, educators, consultants, risk managers and others in dentistry who implement dental infection control protocols in dental settings, or their supervisors. The CDIPC certification is still in development but should be available in 2020.


Why is professional certification in dentistry important?

74% of dental team members and educators said that the knowledge required to perform infection control tasks should be updated every year. And yet most states have no mandatory education or training requirements for implementing dental infection control protocols. By earning certification, dental professionals not only verify their current knowledge in dental infection control, they commit to maintaining that knowledge through the ongoing continuing education requirement to maintain certification. Holding certification sets you apart and demonstrates your commitment to ensuring patient and provider safety.

Benefits to dental professionals

  • Increased performance and job satisfaction
  • Deeper level of connection and credibility with customers
  • Potential new career growth opportunities
  • Demonstrated commitment to patient and dental team safety
  • Verification of knowledge-based competence in dental infection prevention and control

Benefits to state dental boards

Many if not most state dental board representatives are looking for ways to help their state regulatory bodies verify that dental professionals are compliant with federal and state dental infection prevention and control standards, guidelines, regulations and rules.

OSAP and DANB surveyed dental board administrators and many agreed that “independent, voluntary certification in infection prevention and control and safety for dental team members charged with the role of Infection Control Coordinator” would help their state dental board to address compliance with federal and state law related to infection control and safety.

Pathways to Professional Certification

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